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Be a part of History!!

Every now and again there is a party concept that changes the game forever. MECA, the hottest Nightclub in Kingston, Jamaica- the new A list celebrity playground brings an evolution in the club experience to the shores of Miami with a historic interactive party happening in two places at once!! AI has nothing on this …double the pleasure, triple the excitement….only a few will be a part of history

join the meca lifestyle

This memorial weekend MECA comes to florida

Each night we will have 1 party in 2 cities, at the same time!

Get the authentic MECA Experience in Miami May 25-26, 2024 with this historic, never before, next gen party experience

limited tickets available

limited tickets available

Welcome to the MECA Lifestyle

Work hard! play hard!

Listen to Jamaica’s top trending DJs from Kingston straight through the speakers in Miami